See the most incredible illusions done with just makeup

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Forget sel

fies, this sassy

lady has gone one step further – by painting grand designs on herself. Mum Sarah Dufresne’s amazing artwork includes everything from comic book heroes

to colourful skeletons. She started a year ago, after her son Max, nine, asked her to paint a skull design on his face. Her gran was an artist, but Sarah, 35, a cleaner, who has two other children – Niko, 14, and Laura, 16, had been poor at draw

ing at school. If you dont like clowns you should look away (Image: PA Real Life) So she tested her skills out on herself first, in ca

se she messed up a design on her little boy. To her surprise, she was a natural and now she rus

tles up a snake, nursery rhyme character or corpse in just two hours. Humpty (Image: PA Real Life) Friends, family and others are happy to pay for her artwork too and, based in Mengen, Germany, she charges between 30 and 100 euros – depending on the size of the design. Sarah, married to Alexis, 34, paints

faces, heads and shoulders, baby bumps and, occasionally,

a whole body. She says: “I was rubbish at drawing at school but I found it easy painting on myself. This is clever (Image: PA Real Life) Weird (Image: PA Real Life) “Now I sit on the couch with my family, a mirror in my hand, and paint – while my kids watch a movie. “I love doing skulls and zombies, but I try to make every design colourful, just like me. This is amazing (Image: PA Real Li

fe) “I’m really busy painting now and get a call from someone every day asking after me. “I charge for my work – I’ve got to cover the cost of paint and travel – and I’ve seen others charge a lot more than me. Aargh! (Image: PA Real Life) Have you lost weight? (Image: PA Real Life) “But I want everyone to be able to have their face, or bump, painted. I don’t want expectant mums, fo李老师平特一肖大公开 r instance, missing out on that. It’s something nice for them. “I just love being a part of people’s lives this way.” Yikes! (Image: PA Real Life) Sarah Dufresne without her makeup (Image: PA Real Life) Follow The New Day on Twitter and Facebook .