Derek McGovern's Tuesday betting update: Wenger can say Bay Bay to a trophy

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Arsenal have zero chance of winning the Premier League and even less chance of winning the Champions League so Arsene Wenger rests his best players in the only competition he has any hope of conquering. Is he losing his marbles? Well, word is that he took a spoon to the Super Bowl. Long-suffering Arsenal supporters vol-au-vented their anger after the home defeat by Blackburn Rovers on Saturday, demanding to know why the nutty professor has stopped importing top-class French players and instead started importing c**p ones. They used to have Dennis Bergkamp - without whom Wenger has never won a trophy - and Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires. Now they do not have a single player who would be first choice for Chelsea, not that Chelsea have that many. For that transformation, Wenger picks up 7million a season, more than any of his players, while Arsenal fans pay out almost 100 for a ringside seat to misery. Hes 4-11 with Hills not to win another trophy with the Gunners and 13-8 not to be in charge on the opening day of next season - Arsenals ninth without a trophy. Reports yesterday suggested Wenger will soon be offered a new two-year deal - Hartlepool are baffled how thei

r plans leaked out. Tonight Wenger faces more humiliation against Bayern Munich - he breaks out in a cold sweat at the thought of Bayern anything. You need to know two things about this match. First, Bayern are available at odds against. Second, the Germans, who have conceded just seven goals in 22 Bundesliga matches, are 2-1 to keep a clean sheet tonight. Milos is Hulk of a player Milos Raonic is fancied in some quarters to muscle in on a top-four spot in the world tennis rankings. The big Canadian resembles The Hulk except hes not as green and his clothes arent as torn. Nor does he have a dogged journalist arriving in a small town to expose him precisely one查夜明珠预测开奖结果 hour after hes left. Raonic - on hard courts almost bionic - is a lumpy-looking 11-4 to win the US Indoor Championships in Memphis this week and has to be backed. The racket-wielding giant (inset) has just three-peated in the SAP Open - open to all saps - and has twice made the final in Memphis, where he has won eight of his 10 matches. His first match is today against a player named Jack Sock, who turned up late for the event after being found alone at the back of a tumble dryer. Im not sure what his form is like, but Im sure you could pick holes in it. Swans have it onesie

What a shocking display at Anfield from Swansea, who showed all the menace of a onesie. They were so off-colour they put the

wan in Swansea. Perform like that again at Wembley on Sunday and theyll put the r-up in Laudrup. Danish manager Michael Laudrup rested most of his first-teamers at Liverpool to keep them fresh for the Capital One Cup Final against a League Two side in Bradford. The Welshmen are 1-7 to win the trophy - they could be made to ride spacehoppers for 90 minutes and still win it. Maybe Swansea were merely saying thanks to Liverpool for giving them 18million for Joe Allen - but their no-show riled teams like Everton and Arsenal, who now know they are in for a real battle in the cut-throat race for seventh. Top-four Premier League finish (Hills): 1-6 Chelsea, 8-11 Spurs, 5-6 Arsenal, 7-1 Everton, 8-1 Live

rpool, 50-1 Swansea.