Corrie heartache as dying Sinead says she's 'not ready to go' moments before death

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Coronation Street viewers were devastated during Sinead Tinkers last hours, as she emotionally confessed to husband Daniel Osbourne that she wasnt ready to leave him. The character lost her battle with cancer in difficult scenes to watch, weeks on from being told she was terminally ill. Sinead had been diagnosed with cervical cancer while pregnant with baby son Bertie last year, but just weeks ago she learned it had returned and was not treatable. On Friday night an hour-long special saw Sineads final ho

urs, and her emotional goodbyes with her family. Towards the end of the episode, she was

left alone with husband Daniel and their baby boy Bertie. Coronation Streets Sinead shared her fears over her death (Image: ITV) Read MoreRelated ArticlesCoronation Streets Sinead dies peacefully during babys bedtime story The pair spoke candidly about death, with Sinead having told vicar Billy Mayhew earlier on that she wasnt scared of death, just of leaving. As she spoke with Daniel, she confessed her fears before admitting she could feel herself slipping away. As she grew more and more tired, she told him: I dont want it to come yet. Sinea查看101期特马玄机谜语 d lost her battle with cancer (Image: ITV) Daniel stayed with dying wife Sinead during her final moments (Image: ITV) An emotional Daniel cradled her, before saying: Neither do I. She told him it was

soon, and he replied: Dont go, not yet, not yet. Its then that she urged him to read their baby boy a bedtime story to he

lp him to sleep. Daniel realised Sinead had died during the bedtime story (Image: ITV) Sineads loved ones said goodbye (Image: ITV) As he sat in the chair with Bertie on his knee, Sinead listened to t

he story and slowly slipped away. Daniel realised his wife was gone forever, breaking down as he kissed her goodbye before letting her lo

ved ones know. Viewers were moved to tears as they all gathered in Sineads room to say their farewells, before her body was taken away. Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.