Snapchat CEO Thought It Had Done Enough To Protect Against Hack

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Mr. Spiegel on Today. (Photo: NBC)Follo

wing a massive security breach that exposed the private information of millions of Snapchat users,CEO Evan Spiegel finally spoke out publicly on NBC217;s Today

this morning.In the “exclusive interview

,” conducted by star tech reporter Carson Daly, Mr.Spiegel said that despite prior warnings from a secu

rity company that its users’ information was vulnerable to a hack, he believed the company did enough to protect it u

sers.Apparently “enough” has a fuzzy definition since hackers were able to expose the usernames and phone numbers using the app’s “Find Friends” feature on New Year’s Eve.Welp! The 23-year-old sounded unprepared and careless about the significance of the hack:“I believe李逵代表生肖  at the time we thought we had done enough,’’


aid Mr. Spiegel. “But I think in a business like this and a business that is moving so quickly, if you spend your time looking backwards, you’re just going to kill yourself.”Mr. Spiegel,who didn’t bother to apologize,said hackers manipulated the app’s “Find Friends” function by somehow amassing 4.6 million users in their address books and releasing the list.He added that the feature is optional (so, it’s your fault for having it on) and no snaps were c

ompromised. An updated app with strengthened security measures will be released soon.Anyway, for a profitless app that’s worth several billion dollars, one would think its CE

O would muster up a better excuse than R20;Shit hap

pens!221;“Technology businesses in general are susceptible to hacking, and that’s why you have to work really, really hard with law enforcement, with security experts, [and] internal and external

groups to make sure you ar

e paying attent

ion and addressing security concerns,’’ Mr. Spiegel said.Rearrange some of those letter

s and you

get the word “sorry.”